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Editorial Collective
Managing Co-Editors
Suzi Adams, Flinders University (Australia)
Jeremy Smith, Federation University Australia (Australia)

Johann P. Arnason, La Trobe University (Australia) and Univerzita Karlova (Czech Republic)

Associate Editors
Paul Blokker, Università di Bologna (Italy) and Univerzita Karlova (Czech Republic)
John Krummel, Hobart and William Smith Colleges (USA)
Karl E. Smith, Independent Scholar (Australia)


Senior Editorial Assistant
Ka Yu Hui, Boston College (USA)

Editorial Assistants
George Sarantoulias, Monash University (Australia)
Brent Van Gils, Flinders University (Australia)

Editorial Board
Chiara Bottici, The New School for Social Research (USA)
Craig Calhoun, Arizona State University (USA)
María Pía Lara, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (Mexico)
Charles Taylor, McGill University (Canada)
George Taylor, University of Pittsburgh (USA)
Peter Wagner, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

Advisory Board
Ruth Abbey, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)
Marija Bartl, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Craig Browne, The University of Sydney (Australia)
Ivan Chvatík, Archiv Jana Patočky (Czech Republic)
Fred Dallmayr, University of Notre Dame (USA)
Natalie Depraz, Université de Rouen Normandie (France)
Vincent Descombes, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (France)
José Maurício Domingues, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Natalie Doyle, Monash University (Australia)
Dilip Gaonkar, Northwestern University (USA)
Moira Gatens, The University of Sydney (Australia)
Marcel Gauchet, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (France)
Saulius Geniusas, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)
Stathis Gourgouris, Columbia University (USA)
Richard Kearney, Boston College (USA)
Sophie Klimis, Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles (Belgium)
Wolfgang Knöbl, Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung (Germany)
Kwok-ying Lau, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)
Kathleen Lennon, University of Hull (UK)
Karel Novotný, Univerzita Karlova (Czech Republic)
Alice Pechriggl, Universität Klagenfurt (Austria)
Mats Rosengren, Uppsala universitet (Sweden)
Hans Rainer Sepp, Univerzita Karlova (Czech Republic)
Ingerid Straume, Universitetet i Oslo (Norway)
Lubica Učník, Murdoch University (Australia)

International Journal of Social Imaginaries

Managing Editors:
Suzi Adams
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Jeremy Smith
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The International Journal of Social Imaginaries offers the premier scholarly forum for the interdisciplinary and diverse interest in social imaginaries, capturing increasingly prominent and versatile contributions in one globally accessible journal. The International Journal of Social Imaginaries seeks to bring theoretical and analytical clarity in discussions on imaginaries, carefully distinguishing the concept from related notions, such as culture, representation, ideology, and identity. It provides a forum for theoretical and conceptual debates, as well as empirically driven studies, and invites contributions from a range of disciplines and with a variety of foci (from the philosophical/theoretical to the empirical; related to meaning, rationality, and creativity on individual and collective levels, but also in relation to politics, governance, and institutions). It publishes not only prominent but also emerging authors in the human and social sciences who are shaping the field of social imaginaries.

The journal is guided by the goal to reflect on the human condition, in past, present, and future societies and constellations, without limiting itself to any geographical or sociocultural region. It aims to pursue intertwining and overlapping debates on social imaginaries and the imagination. This includes a focus on intersecting debates on cultural varieties of meaning, power, religion, and socially instituted worlds of action, while promoting fresh approaches to the key challenges of the current age. The International Journal of Social Imaginaries includes in its focal range discussions of historical ruptures in societal meaning (as with the emergence of early democracy, modernity, and capitalist society) but equally discusses critical contemporary shifts in meaning-making, related to, for example, (post-)democracy and populism, globalized capitalism, environmentalism, and terrorism and human rights. The journal’s field of interest includes contemporary debates concerning specific concrete issues and their effects on how we view our relationships to the social and natural environment, as well as broader problematics, such as modernity and civilizations, on the one hand, and the 'meaning of meaning’ and the question of the lifeworld, on the other. The International Journal of Social Imaginaries demonstrates that researching social imaginaries is crucial to allowing for a comprehensive and rigorous understanding of existing collective systems of meaning in — and across — societies as well as of shifting and newly emerging meanings, in particular in relation to constellations of power, action, and the self. Such understanding is all the more important in distinctive periods — such as in our current epoch – in which taken-for-granted meanings are in a state of rapid transformation.

The International Journal of Social Imaginaries welcomes scholarly contributions that engage with imaginaries in a variety of ways and that deal with theoretical/philosophical, methodological and/or empirical matters and may relate to different levels, such as the individual, collective — societal or state — as well as cross-border/cross-regional and transnational levels of investigation. The journal will further launch calls for thematic special issues on topical themes, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, contemporary capitalism, regional foci on Russia and Eastern Europe, China and East Asia, the United States and the Americas, populism, the crisis of democracy, social media, and others.

The journal will consider the following types of submissions:
• Research articles (8,000-10,000 words; exceptions will be considered)
• Review essays (maximum of 5,000 words)
• Single-book reviews (maximum of 2,000 words)
• Varia: Book review fora, roundtables, interviews, analyses, and commentaries are also welcome and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
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