H. Paul Grice’s Lecture Notes on Charles S. Peirce’s Theory of Signs

in International Review of Pragmatics

This document provides a transcription of a significant unpublished manuscript by Paul Grice on Charles Peirce’s Theory of Signs, deposited in the H. Paul Grice Papers, BANC MSS 90/135, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. Grice’s notes concern the theory of signs, semeiotic, of the American logician, scientist and philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914). The material was probably intended as the text for lectures. The MS consists of 46 non-numbered sheets. The editors have prepared the transcription from a copy of the original manuscript located in the Bancroft Library.

  • 24

    Stevenson, 1944: 67.

  • 31

    Hare, 1949.

  • 33

    Hare, 1952, Ch. 9.3.

  • 34

    Duncan-Jones, 1949.

  • 54

    Russell 1912.

  • 59

    Buchler, 1939: 159: “The ‘meaning’ of a sentence is thus the habit of going about confirming it, and this is described by a conditional formula”.


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