Review of the Oriental genus Anchocerus with the description of new species and new combinations (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae)

Insect Systematics & Evolution
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Composition, systematics, distribution and bionomics of the poorly known primarily Oriental genus Anchocerus Fauvel, 1905 is reviewed, with an annotated list and identification key provided for all 13 named species of the genus. The poorly known species from Papua New Guinea, A. punctus Last, 1980, A. similis Last, 1980 and A. wilhelmensis Last, 1980 are redescribed. Three new species, A. aparamerus sp.n. from Borneo, A. grandis sp.n. and A. thailandicus sp.n., both from Thailand are described. One species is transferred to Anchocerus from the genus Acylophorus Nordmann, 1837: Anchocerus tenuipes (Lea, 1929) comb. n., and also redescribed. Two species of Anchocerus are moved to Acylophorus: Acylophorus novaguinensis (Last, 1975) comb. n. and Acylophorus okasaensis (Last, 1975) comb. n. Morphological characters distinguishing the genera Anchocerus and Acylophorus are summarized. Type material was examined for all insufficiently known species.


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