Laboratory Studies on the Effects of Different Natural Foods on the Reproductive Biology of Lygaeus equestris (L.) (Het. Lygaeidae)

in Insect Systematics & Evolution
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The reproductive biology of the seed-feeding bug Lygaeus equestris in the laboratory is described and the suitability of different kinds of seeds for reproductive success are compared. A relationship exists between the duration of reproductive diapause in the field and the subsequent reactivation time in the laboratory. Mating activity starts irrespective of presence of food. Matings or presence of males are, in contrast to feeding, not necessary for ovary maturation and egg-laying. Hatchable eggs were produced on all diets tested. There were significant differences in length of the oviposition period, longevity and number of eggs laid or hatched in females fed on the different diets. The importance of different food plants for the reproductive strategies of the bug in Sweden is discussed.

Laboratory Studies on the Effects of Different Natural Foods on the Reproductive Biology of Lygaeus equestris (L.) (Het. Lygaeidae)

in Insect Systematics & Evolution



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