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Jed Rasula, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
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Call for Papers

Las Vanguardistas:
Women and the Avant-Garde in Ibero-America and the Caribbean

Submission of abstracts: 15th July, 2022
Submission of articles: 30th October, 2022

The Journal of Avant-Garde Studies (JAGS) and its guest editors invite submissions for the special issue “Las Vanguardistas: Women and the Avant-Garde in Ibero-America and the Caribbean”. By proposing this special issue, we aim to foster a global understanding of avant-garde movements and highlight the key role of Ibero-American and Caribbean women in the avant-garde scene from the 1910s to the present day. The geographical scope of this special issue includes Spain and Portugal as well as all Hispanic American countries in North, Central, and South America plus the Hispanophone Caribbean.

We welcome academic articles that focus on, but are not limited to, the following topics:

 Beyond the “center” vs. “periphery” paradigm. Attempts to “transnationalize” and “decenter” the avant-garde by including Ibero-American and Caribbean women in our corpus.
 Women authors, poets, actresses, painters, architects, visual artists and their participation in avant-garde and neo-avant-garde movements (ultraísmo, surrealismo, estridentismo, creacionismo, dadaísmo, futurismo, nadaismo, Stone and Sky movement, and more).
 Generational approaches to the Spanish avant-garde and how to move beyond the generational model.
 Ibero-American and Caribbean women authors in exile.
 Comparative approaches to women’s works. Avant-garde themes and motifs in a comparative context (case studies are welcome).
 Women and the avant-garde press: women’s contributions to avant-garde magazines.
 Women and salon culture: women’s participation in avant-garde literary circles, institutions, academies and salons.
 Avant-garde poetry in translation. Circulation and dissemination of avant-garde poetry through the work of translators.
 Women and avant-garde theater.
 Women and avant-garde cinema.
 Women and avant-garde painting, photography, and other visual arts.

Scholars at any stage of their research are invited to submit abstracts of 200 words by July 15, 2022. Upon acceptance of the abstract, authors will be invited to submit their full articles by October 30, 2022. Articles should be written in English (6000-7000 words) and sent to the guest editors via e-mail: and The preferred language for typesetting is American-English. Instructions for authors can be found under the tab "Submit Article". For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
"Modernist studies has been a booming field for the past twenty-five years, but only now with the Journal of Avant-Garde Studies will we finally benefit from a forum specifically designed to look into the core, the engine without which modernism would simply not exist. The closer we look, the more we'll see that the avant-garde is the seed from which the mighty oak of modernism grew." – Jed Rasula, Professor of English, University of Georgia, USA
All interested in 20th-century art, modernism and the avant-garde movements. Relevant also for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in art history, cultural history, literary studies, and transnational studies as well as an international audience of scholars and museum experts.

Journal of Avant-Garde Studies

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Published twice annually, the Journal of Avant-Garde Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary forum for critical discussion of the experimental, the outrageous, and the unclassifiable in the arts and literature, from the heyday of modernism to today. The perspective is global, the theoretical approaches are diverse, and the eligible subjects range from the famous to the forgotten.
JAGS seeks to broaden and enrich our history of the vanguard.
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