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Ali E. Hillal Dessouki, Cairo University (Egypt)

Managing Editor
Jamal Wakim, Lebanese University (Lebanon)

Editorial Board
Ali Abdullatif Ahmida, University of New England (USA)
Ali Kadri, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Aziz Azmeh, Central European University (Austria)
Giacomo Luciani, The Graduate Institute Geneva (Switzerland)
James Piscatori, Australian National University (Australia)
Jamil Hilal, Birzeit University (Palestine)
Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss, Lebanese American University Beirut (Lebanon)
Lisa Anderson, Columbia University (USA)
Luna Abuswaireh, Centre for Arab Unity Studies (Lebanon)
Omar Al Shehabi, Gulf Centre for Development Policies (Kuwait)
Paul Aarts, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Paul Tabar, Lebanese American University Beirut (Lebanon)
Ricardo René Larémont, SUNY Binghamton (USA)
Saif Da’na, University of Wisconsin-Parkside (USA)
Timothy Niblock, University of Exeter (UK)
Yahia Zoubir, KEDGE Business School-Marseille (France)


Contemporary Arab Affairs

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The journal was established in 2008, was published by University of California Press through 2022, and is published by Brill starting in 2023.

Contemporary Arab Affairs is the international quarterly journal of the Centre for Arab Unity Studies (CAUS) in Beirut, Lebanon. It is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality and original research from and on the Arab region. Contemporary Arab Affairs publishes work by specialists, policy experts, and scholars from the Arab world or those who have academic interest in the region. Drawing on the expertise of CAUS, a well-established publisher of research in Arabic, Contemporary Arab Affairs publishes both original English-language research and studies and works originally produced in Arabic by Arab researchers and intellectuals for a global international audience with the aim of promoting constructive dialogue on Arab political, socio-economic, and cultural affairs.

The journal welcomes the following types of submissions:
- Research articles (7,000-10,000 words; majority of submissions)
- Commentaries (maximum 3,000 words; exceptions can be made)
- Interviews (maximum 2,000 words)
- Book reviews (maximum 3,000 words)
- Proceedings of select conferences organized by CAUS (maximum 7,000 words)
- Synopses of recent Arab-language publications (maximum 3,500 words)

For editorial and book review queries and proposals, please contact the CAA/CAUS Editorial Office.

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