Comparing the Effect of Chinese and Japanese Migration Experiences on Peruvian National Identity (中日秘鲁移民秘鲁国家认同的比较研究)

in Journal of Chinese Overseas
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Research on migration has often characterized migration and the state as being in conflict. International migration does present some challenges to the state in accommodating migrants that bring with them various cultural and social identities. Nonetheless, not all migration experiences can be generalized in dichotomous terms. In this sense, the case of the first South American country to elect a president of Japanese origin and to regard a Chinese migrant-owned supermarket chain as representative of the state’s business model merits closer examination. The experience of Chinese and Japanese migrants in Peru contributes to the literature on transnational migration that regards migrants as both recipients of change and agents that influence a state’s national identity. Through measures such as common language acquisition and the adoption of new cultural traditions, Chinese and Japanese migrants were integrated into Peru and thus influenced some changes in the state’s national identity in a less conflictive way.


This article is in English.

Comparing the Effect of Chinese and Japanese Migration Experiences on Peruvian National Identity (中日秘鲁移民秘鲁国家认同的比较研究)

in Journal of Chinese Overseas



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By 193463.5 per cent of Japanese migrants were in commerce (Morimoto 1999: 94).


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