Family-Making in the Transnational Social Field (在跨国移民社会空间中的家庭构建)

The Child-Raising Practices of Chinese Migrants in Slovenia (以中国移民在斯洛文尼亚的子女抚养为例)

in Journal of Chinese Overseas
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Drawing upon multi-sited ethnographic research I analyze the family-making practices among migrants from south-eastern Zhejiang migrating to Slovenia. The article highlights how traditions, norms and values regarding child-raising are negotiated at both ends of the migration process. The focus is on the practice of leaving children in the care of kin or non-kin caregivers in the migrants’ place of origin and how this particular practice is embedded into the everyday experiences of Chinese migrants in Slovenia. I argue that these practices are not a simple, reciprocal exchange of aid (caregiving) and money (remittances) but have further social implications. They should rather be understood as a crucial mechanism of sustaining the migrants’ transnational field through a continuous flow of money, information, objects and people.


This article is in English.

Family-Making in the Transnational Social Field (在跨国移民社会空间中的家庭构建)

The Child-Raising Practices of Chinese Migrants in Slovenia (以中国移民在斯洛文尼亚的子女抚养为例)

in Journal of Chinese Overseas



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Article 49 of the Aliens Act (2011) stipulates that a child born in Slovenia to parents with valid residence permits does not require a residence permit for up to three months from the time of birth. Yet if parents apply for the child’s residence permit the state should issue it within these three months. In the event of the parents of a child born in the Republic of Slovenia holding temporary residence permits the child is issued a temporary residence permit for the same duration as the parents’ residence permits. If one of the parents holds a permanent residence permit the child is likewise issued a permanent residence permit.

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