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Paulos Z. Huang (Shanghai University, China / University of Helsinki / International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, FInland)

Associate Editors:
Shao Kai (Alex) Tseng (Zhejiang University, China)
Stephanie Wong (Villanova University, USA)

Editorial Board:
Abraham Chen (Nanjing Theological Seminary)
Johanna Kettunen-Huang (TD Publishing Company, Finland)
Lauren Pfister (Baptist University of Hong Kong)
SUN Xiangchen (Fudan University, China)
Philip L. Wickeri (The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, USA)
YANG Huilin (Renmin University of China)
ZHANG Zhigang (Peking University, China)
ZHUO Xinping (Institute for World Religions Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Journal of Chinese Theology

The Journal of Chinese Theology, previously published as Yearbook of Chinese Theology, is designed to meet the growing demand for the studies of Christianity as an academic discipline in the Chinese context. Being international, ecumenical and fully peer-reviewed, the journal publishes articles in the areas of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology and Comparative Religions. JCT also features articles exploring wider issues in church and society. The main focus of the journal is on the interdisciplinary, contextual and cross-cultural studies of the above five disciplines.
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