Journal of Early American History

The American Colonies, 1500-1830

The early modern colonization of the Americas ranks among the most influential developments that shaped the modern world. Between the initial exploratory European contacts with the Americas in the late fifteenth century and the eventual independence of American states from Europe lies the multifaceted development of small communities into large colonies, which drew upon their European inheritance and their New World experience and interaction with non-European cultures and societies to form distinctive cultures and identities.
The peer-reviewed Journal of Early American History is dedicated to the advancement of scholarly understanding of the history of the colonization of the Americas and appears three times annually. It offers explorations on any aspect of early American history to a broad audience of historians. These investigations may be conceived in the broadest way chronologically, geographically, and thematically, whether in explicitly comparative studies, or by the grouping of studies.

The editors invite manuscript submissions of 25–45 pages (approximately 8,000–10,000 words), double-spaced (in English), dealing with topics related to any aspect of early American history, again broadly defined. The Journal of Early American History also publishes English reviews of recent books. For reviews, please contact Kristin Condotta Lee (for books in English), Anne-Marie Libério (for books in French) or Francisco Eissabarroso (for books in Spanish).


Naomi Wulf Prize
The European Early American Studies Association (EEASA) together with the Journal of Early American History (JEAH) announce the Naomi Wulf Prize for the best paper presented at the biannual European Early American Studies Association conference. Please download the PDF instructions under Submit an Article below to learn more.

Prize Recipients
Julie Mo Svalastog (Leiden University) for "Challenging Porous Frontiers: Bringing the English East India Company to the Coast of Guinea, 1640–1660"
2014 (ex aequo)
Claire Bourhis-Mariotti (Université Paris-8) for "Haiti as Lieu de Mémoire of Black Nationalist Protest and Persuasion in the Antebellum Period: African-American Emigration to Haiti, 1855–1862"
Charlotte Lerg (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität) for "Imagery of Protest: Performative Protest Culture in Political Cartoons of the British Atlantic 1760-1790."
Elena A. Schneider (University of California at Berkeley) for "Imperial Imaginings in the Spanish Atlantic During the Era of the Seven Years’ War"
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Book Review Editors
Kristin Condotta Lee, University College, Washington University in St. Louis (USA) (English-language books)
Francisco Eissa-Barroso, The University of Manchester (UK) (Spanish-language books)
Anne-Marie Libério, Université Paris VIII-Vincennes Saint-Denis (France) (French-language books)

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Sarah Barber, Lancaster University (UK)
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