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volume 1, no. 1

  • Editors’ Preface: Current Trends in Jesuit Historiography 1–5

    • Robert A. Maryks and Jonathan Wright


  • Jesuit Schools in Europe. A Historiographical Essay 7–25

    • Paul F. Grendler

  • The Vineyard of Verse: The State of Scholarship on Latin Poetry of the Old Society of Jesus 26–46

    • Yasmin Haskell

  • Jesuit Foreign Missions. A Historiographical Essay 47–65

    • Ronnie Po-chia Hsia

  • Early Modern Jesuit Arts and Jesuit Visual Culture: A View from the Twenty-First Century 66–87

    • Evonne Levy

  • Early Modern Jesuit Science. A Historiographical Essay 88–104

    • Sheila J. Rabin

  • Recent Works in Jesuit Philosophy: Vicissitudes of Rhetorical Accommodation 105–126

    • Stephen Schloesser

book reviews

  • Alexandra Bamji, Geert H. Janssen and Mary Laven (eds.), The Ashgate Research Companion to the Counter-Reformation 128–130

    • Eric Nelson

  • Thomas F. Mayer (ed.), Reforming Reformation. Catholic Christendom, 1300–1700 131–132

    • Thomas Worcester, S.J.

  • Thomas F. Mayer, The Roman Inquisition: A Papal Bureaucracy and Its Laws in the Age of Galileo 133–135

    • Jonathan Seitz

  • Peter Holmes, Caroline Casuistry: The Cases of Conscience of Fr Thomas Southwell SJ. 136–137

    • Victor Houliston

  • Clare Copeland and Jan Machielsen (eds.), Angels of Light? Sanctity and the Discernment of Spirits in the Early Modern Period 138–141

    • Moshe Sluhovsky

  • Wietse de Boer and Christine Göttler (eds.), Religion and the Senses in Early Modern Europe 142–144

    • Michelle Molina

  • Veronika Lukas, Wilfried Stroh, Claudia Wiener, Christus und Cupido. Embleme aus Jacob Baldes Poetenklasse von 1628 145–146

    • Sari Kivistö

  • Francis Young, English Catholics and the Supernatural, 1553–1829 147–148

    • Alexandra Walsham

  • Yasmin Haskell, Prescribing Ovid: The Latin Works and Networks of the Enlightened Dr Heerkens 149–151

    • Piotr Urbański

  • Sophie White, Wild Frenchmen and Frenchified Indians: Material Culture and Race in Colonial

  • Louisiana 152–153

    • Michael Pasquier

  • Albrecht Classen, Early History of the Southwest Through the Eyes of German-Speaking Jesuit

  • Missionaries. A Transcultural Experience in the Eighteenth Century 154–156

    • David Yetman

  • Nora Pärr, Maximilian Hell und sein wissenschaftliches Umfeld im Wien des 18. Jahrhunderts 157–158

    • Paul Shore

  • Peter Eisner, The Pope’s Last Crusade: How an American Jesuit Helped Pope Pius XI’s Campaign to Stop Hitler 159–160

    • David Kertzer

  • Conferences and Announcements 161–170

volume 1, no. 2

  • Introduction: Jesuit Missionary Perspectives and Strategies 171–176

    • Bronwen Catherine McShea

  • Assessing Indigenous Forms of Writing: José de Acosta’s View of Andean Quipus in Contrast with Chinese “Letters” 177–191

    • Ana Carolina Hosne

  • “Infidels” at Home: Jesuits and Muslim Slaves in Seventeenth-Century Naples and Spain 192–211

    • Emanuele Colombo

  • Catechization and Conversion: A Comparison of Two German Jesuit Plays on the Life of St. Augustine 212–226

    • Elizabeth Ellis-Marino

  • Between Subjection and Accommodation: The Development of José de Anchieta’s Missionary Project in Colonial Brazil 227–244

    • Anne B. McGinness

  • Conquest and Theology: The Jesuits in Angola, 1548–1650 245–259

    • John K. Thornton

  • Conflicting Visions of the Jesuit Missions to the Ottoman Empire, 1609–1628 260–280

    • Adina Ruiu

  • “Seeing These Good Souls Adore God in the Midst of the Woods”: The Christianization of Algonquian Nomads in the Jesuit Relations of the 1640s 281–300

    • Muriel Clair

book reviews

  • Karl A.E. Enenkel, ed., The Reception of Erasmus in the Early Modern Period 302–304

    • Donald K. McKim

  • Thomas M. McCoog, “And touching our Society”: Fashioning Jesuit Identity in Early Modern England 305–307

    • Gerard Kilroy

  • Victoria Weston, ed., Portugal, Jesuits, and Japan. Spiritual Beliefs and Earthly Goods 308–313

    • M. Antoni J. Ucerler S.J.

  • Stephanie Schrader, ed., Looking East. Rubens’s Encounter with Asia 311–313

    • Anna Knaap

  • Catherine Jami, The Emperor’s New Mathematics: Western Learning and Imperial Authority during the Kangxi Reign (1662–1722) 314–317

    • Florence C. Hsia

  • Neringa Markauskaitė, ed., Jėzuitai Lietuvoje (1608–2008): gyvenimas, veikla, paveldas / Jesuits in Lithuania (1608–2008): Life, Works, Heritage 318–319

    • Piotr Urban´ski

  • Patrick J. O’Banion, The Sacrament of Penance and Religious Life in Golden Age Spain 320–321

    • Patricia W. Manning

  • Charlotte de Castelnau-L’Estoile, Marie-Lucie Copete, Aliocha Maldavsky, Ines G. Županov, eds., Missions d’évangelisation et circulation des savoirs. XVIe-XVIIIe siècle 322–327

    • Guillermo Wilde

  • José Martínez Millán, Henar Pizarro Llorente, Esther Jiménez Pablo, eds., Los jesuitas. Religión, política y educación (siglos XVI-XVIII) 328–331

    • Aliocha Maldavsky

  • Henrique Leitão & José Eduardo Franco, eds., Jesuítas, Ciência e Cultura no Portugal Moderno: Obra Selecta do Pe. João Pereira Gomes, SJ. 332–334

    • Rui Manuel Loureiro

  • Conferences & Announcements 335–346

volume 1, no. 3


  • Accommodation as a Rhetorical Principle: Twenty Years after John O’Malley’s The First Jesuits (1993) 347–372

    • Stephen Schloesser

  • Peter Canisius and the Protestants: A Model of Ecumenical Dialogue? 373–399

    • Hilmar M. Pabel

  • Active Leisure: The Body in Sixteenth-Century Jesuit Culture 400–418

    • Cristiano Casalini

  • Imitating Ovid to the Greater Glory of God: Jesuit Poets and Christian Heroic Epistles (1514–1663) 419–442

    • Jost Eickmeyer

  • The Portrait of Matteo Ricci: A Mirror of Western Religious and Chinese Literati Portrait Painting 443–464

    • César Guillen-Nuñez

  • My Child Deus: Grammar versus Theology in a Japanese Christian Devotional of 1591 465–482

    • Patrick Schwemmer

book reviews

  • J. Michelle Molina, To Overcome Oneself. The Jesuit Ethic and the Spirit of Global Expansion 484–487

    • Simon Ditchfield

  • Christopher van Ginhoven Rey, Instruments of the Divinity: Providence and Praxis in the Foundation of the Society of Jesus 488–490

    • Franco Motta

  • Sophie Read, Eucharist and the Poetic Imagination in Early Modern England. Ideas in Context 104 491–493

    • Victor Houliston

  • Noël Golvers, Libraries of Western Learning for China. Circulation of Western Books between Europe and China in the Jesuit Mission (ca. 1650–ca. 1750) 494–496

    • Kathleen M. Comerford

  • Paul Shore, Narratives of Adversity. Jesuits in the Eastern Peripheries of the Habsburg Realms (1640–1773) 497–499

    • Harm Klueting

  • Maria Grazia Russo and António Júlio Limpo Trigueiros, SJ, I Gesuiti dell’Assistenza Lusitana esiliati in Italia (1759–1831) 500–503

    • Niccolò Guasti

  • R.K.R. Thornton and Catherine Phillips, eds., The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins 504–510

    • Paul Mariani

volume 1, no. 4

  • Introduction: Panic, Plots, and Polemic 511–519

    • James E. Kelly

  • “Paths Coincident”: The Parallel Lives of Dr. Nicholas Sander and Edmund Campion, S.J. 520–541

    • Gerard Kilroy

  • Robert Persons’s Precarious Correspondence 542–557

    • Victor Houliston

  • Politics and Devotion: The Case of Robert Persons vs. Edmund Bunny, Author of A Book of Christian Exercise 558–571

    • Ronald Corthell

  • The Society of Jesus in Wales, c.1600–1679: Rediscovering the Cwm Jesuit Library at Hereford Cathedral 572–588

    • Hannah Thomas

  • Communicating Across Communities: Explicitation in Gaspar Wilkowski’s Polish Translation of Edmund Campion’s Rationes Decem 589–606

    • Clarinda E. Calma

book reviews

  • Ana Carolina Hosne, The Jesuit Missions to China and Peru, 1570–1610: Expectations and Appraisals of Expansionism 607–608

    • Ricardo Padrón

  • Christine Getz, Mary, Music, and Meditation: Sacred Conversations in Post-Tridentine Milan 609–611

    • Mary Laven

  • Derek Masarella, ed. Translated by Joseph F. Moran, Japanese Travellers in Sixteenth-Century Europe 612–614

    • Makoto Harris Takao

  • Massimo C. Giannini, ed., Papacy, Religious Orders, and International Politics in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 615–617

    • Johann Sommerville

  • Kimberly Lynn, Between Court and Confessional. The Politics of Spanish Inquisitors 618–620

    • Sara T. Nalle, Professor Emerita

  • Maurice Whitehead, English Jesuit Education: Expulsion, Suppression, Survival and Restoration, 1762–1803 621–623

    • Gary McCulloch

  • Gary Van Valen, Indigenous Agency in the Amazon. The Mojos in Liberal and Rubber-Boom Bolivia, 1842–1932 624–626

    • Beatriz Vitar

  • Festo Mkenda, SJ, A Mission for Everyone. A Story of the Jesuits in Eastern Africa (1555–2012) 627–629

    • Leonardo Cohen

  • Contents of Volume 631–636

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