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Volume 10, No. 1

  • Editorial: One Decade of the Journal of Language Contact 1


  • Norwegian in the American Midwest: A Common Dialect? 5

    • Janne Bondi Johannessen and Signe Laake

  • A Model of Underspecified Recognition for Phonological Integration: English Loan Vowels in American Norwegian 22

    • David Natvig

  • Between Simplification and Complexification. German, Hungarian, Romanian Noun and Adjective Morphologies in Contact 56

    • Csilla-Anna Wilhelm

  • Contact-Induced Change in an Oceanic Language: The Paluai – Tok Pisin Case 76

    • Dineke Schokkin

  • Reo Rapa: A Polynesian Contact Language 98

    • Mary Walworth

Review Article

  • À propos de Maarten Kossmann:The Arabic Influence on Northern Berber.Compte rendu d’un travail de synthèse 143

    • Jérôme Lentin and Catherine Taine-Cheikh

Book Reviews

  • Amaral, Patrícia and Ana Maria Carvalho (eds.), Portuguese-Spanish Interfaces: Diachrony, synchrony, and contact 169

    • Sílvia Rodrigues Parrinha

  • Federico Corriente, Christophe Pereira and Ángeles Vicente, Aperçu grammatical du faisceau dialectal andalou, perspectives synchroniques, diachroniques et panchroniques (Encyclopédie linguistique d’Al-Andalus, 1) 178

    • Jacques Grand’Henry

  • Valdman, Albert, Haitian Creole : Structure, Variation, Status, Origin 181

    • Dominique Fattier

  • Claire Lefebvre, Relabeling in Language Genesis 187

    • Eeva Sippola

Volume 10, No. 2


  • Linguistic Consequences of Evangelization in Colonial Peru: Analyzing the Quechua Corpus of the Doctrina Christiana y Catecismo 193

    • Gregory Haimovich

  • The Etymology of Kallawaya 219

    • Katja Hannß

  • Early Notices Regarding Creole Portuguese in Former Portuguese Timor 264

    • Alan N. Baxter and Hugo C. Cardoso

  • Reexamining Differential Object Marking as a Linguistic Contact-Phenomenon in Gernika Basque 318

    • Itxaso Rodríguez-Ordóñez

Review Article

  • The Role of Paradigmatic Morphology in Historical, Areal and Genealogical Linguistics: Thoughts and Observations in the Margin ofParadigm Change. In the Transeurasian languages and Beyond (Robbeets and Bisang, eds.) 353

    • Stefan Georg

Book Reviews

  • Sandro Sessarego, Afro-Peruvian Spanish. Spanish slavery and the legacy of Spanish Creoles 383

    • Eeva Sippola

  • Paula Prescod (Ed.), Language Issues in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.Volume G51, Varieties of English Around the World 390

    • Nicholas Faraclas

Volume 10, No. 3


  • Borrowings But No Diffusion: A Case of Language Contact in the Lake Chad Basin 395

    • Sean Allison

  • Hebrew Loanwords in the Palestinian Israeli Variety of Arabic (Facebook Data) 422

    • Duaa Abu Elhija

  • Bisyndetic Contrast Marking in the Hindukush: Additional Evidence of a Historical Contact Zone 450

    • Henrik Liljegren and Erik Svärd

  • Multiple Correspondence and Typological Convergence in Contact-Induced Grammaticalization: Evidence from Cantonese-English Bilingual Development 485

    • Pui Yiu Szeto, Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip

  • Meanderings Around the Notion of ‘Contact’ in Reference to Languages, their Dynamics, and to ‘we 519

    • Robert Nicolaï

Review Article

  • When Language Resists. From divergence to language dynamics: A review article of Stability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms (Braunmüller and Höder and Kühl, eds.) 549

    • Katja Ploog

Book Review

  • Sebastian Knospe, Entlehnung oder Codeswitching: Sprachmischungen mit dem Englischen im deutschen Printjournalismus 571

    • Alexander Onysko

  • List of Referees 581

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