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Prof. Marlou Schrover, Leiden University

Dr. Walter Nkwi Gam, Leiden University
Dr. Per-Olof Gronberg, Lulea University of Technology
Dr. Sarah Hackett, Bath Spa University
Dr. hab. Anna Mazurkiewicz, Uniwersytet Gdański
Dr. Linda Reeder, University of Missouri
Prof. Philippe Rygiel, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Prof. Gavin Schaffer, University of Birmingham
Dr. Marjolein Schepers, KU Leuven
Dr. Brian Shaev, Leiden University
Dr. Simona S Vezzoli, International Institute of Social Studies, Rotterdam
Dr. Anne Winter, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Advisory Board
Dr. Irial Glynn, Leiden University
Prof. Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh
Prof. José Moya, Columbia University
Prof. Greg Woolf, School of Advanced Study, University of London
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Journal of Migration History

Migration is an important topic of academic, public and political debate. Migration research generates a wealth of articles. The Journal of Migration History (JMH) is the first to specialize in the field. Articles on migration history either appear in journals that specialize on current issues, or in more general historical journals. In both cases the articles are somewhat lost. They also appear in journals that focus on areas (i.e., Asia, Europe, Africa) or in journals that focus on a particular time period (ancient history, medieval history). There is great need for a journal that covers a large period (antiquity until now) and all parts of the world, enabling to strengthen comparisons over time and space. This is a key aspect of migration research.

The peer-reviewed Journal of Migration History is interdisciplinary. It publishes articles that combine methods, theories and insights from the social sciences, archaeology, anthropology, genetics, linguistics, and economics. It publishes studies that emphasize connectivity, tying in with the vibrant field of global history. The journal will not only publish on how people move, but also on how goods, and ideas move. JMH will not only look at movement (in the widest sense of the word), but also at migration policies (and how and why they changed over time), at the consequences of migration (for migrants and for those who were left behind, and for the societies they left or where they settled). It will publish on how geographical mobility is related to other forms of mobility (social mobility), and on how ethnicity relates to gender, religion and class.

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