Gary M. Hamburg, Department of History, Claremont McKenna College
Semion Lyandres, Department of History, University of Notre Dame

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Simon Dixon, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London
Terence Emmons, Stanford University
Andrei B. Nikolaev, St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University
Evgenii A. Rostovtsev, St. Petersburg State University
Pavel A. Tribunskii, Russia Abroad Foundation named after A.I. Solzhenitsyn, Moscow
Elise Wirtschafter, California State Polytechnic University in Pomona
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Those interested in the history and historiography of Russia through the centuries, including the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet era.
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Journal of Modern Russian History and Historiography

The Journal of Modern Russian History and Historiography is a yearly publication devoted to the history and historiography of imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet Russia. We seek a wide range of submissions, including monographic articles with a significant historiographical content, documentary publications, historiographical essays on large themes in Russian history, critical reviews, and memoirs. We have the ability to publish submissions in major European languages, including Russian, and a willingness to consider publishing long texts that would exceed the word limits usually imposed by other journals.
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The Theme of Happiness and British Utilitarianism in Russian Thought, from the 1860s to the Early 1880s
Тема счастья и философия Английского утилитаризма в русской интеллектуальной мысли, 1860-начало 1880-х гг
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От отставки до отставки: П. Г. Виноградов, московские историки и университетская корпорация (1901–1911)
From Resignation to Resignation: Pavel Gavrilovich Vinogradov, Moscow Historians and the University Corporation (1901–1911)
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Новый труд о Петре Михайловиче Бицилли
A New Work on Petr Mikhailovich Bitsilli (Bicilli)
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