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Editorial Board
Gabriel P. Weisberg, University of Minnesota, Minnesota, USA (Managing Editor)
Willa Z. Silverman, Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA
Ricard Bru, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Sonia Coman, Freer|Sackler Gallery
Elizabeth Emery, Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA

Advisory Board
Edwin Becker Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Gregory Irvine Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Elizabeth K. Mix Butler University, Indianapolis
OIKAWA Shigeru Japan Women’s University, Tokyo
Johannes Wieninger MAK, Vienna
Scholars; curators and collectors of Japanese art and art influenced by Japanese art and visual culture up to the present day. Scholars working in the fields of history, art history, cultural studies, area studies, sociology, anthropology, literary studies.

Journal of Japonisme

The Journal of Japonisme is a multi-disciplinary, global publication and dedicated to all aspects of the Japonisme movement from the first appearance of the name in France in the 1870s until the 21st century. The journal is open to new ideas and findings from wherever they might be found. Submitted manuscripts coming from the most wide ranging disciplines of the humanities: history, visual culture including the history of art and design, the decorative arts, painting and the graphic arts, architecture, fashion, film, literature, aesthetics, art criticism, and music, will be considered if they show how Japanese art and culture influenced and permeated Western society and culture from the opening of Japan to the West in the 1850s until the 21st century. Additionally, articles addressing Japanese art and artistic cross-cultural relations within the Asian region may also be submitted. Articles on various collectors of Japanese art in the West, either specific museums or individuals, will be strongly considered, as it was through these collections that Western artists gained a broad familiarity with works that they could study.

While Japonisme has long been seen as a significant influence on Western culture, there has never been an international journal that would specifically examine all aspects of this cultural phenomenon from a variety of disciplines and angles, ánd in a global perspective. This is one of the principal reasons why the emergence of this publication is so essential. The increasing awareness of Japonisme among scholars, and now the general public, make it essential that a publication is initiated so that various viewpoints can be shared. This is now a field of scholarly consideration that must be examined in depth through a journal solely dedicated to this type of exchange of ideas.

The journal will be published annually in English; there will be ca. 4 to 5 essays and book or exhibition reviews. All articles will be submitted in English; they will be peer reviewed by a distinguished committee of advisors and/or other reviewers signifying the importance of the work before it can be included in the Journal. Each article will be illustrated with no more than ten images. These will be reproduced (mainly) in black and white in the paper version and in color in the electronic edition. Each essay will be no longer than 8,000-10,000 words, including notes.
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