Did Shah ʿAbbās I Have a Mediterranean Policy?

in Journal of Persianate Studies
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The past two decades have witnessed tremendous growth in research on Safavid history. Recent developments regarding Safavid international relations have led to the conclusion that during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Iran’s contacts and links with Europe, including the countries located along the northern shores of the Mediterranean, reached an unprecedented level. However, there has been little or no discussion about a deliberate Safavid policy towards the Mediterranean. This paper offers a review of Spanish documents to show that Shah ʿAbbās i may have operated with a clear Mediterranean policy in mind.

Did Shah ʿAbbās I Have a Mediterranean Policy?

in Journal of Persianate Studies



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Signed on 17 May 1639the accord ended the war that had begun in 1623 and divided territories in the Middle East by granting Yerevan in the southern Caucasus to Iran and all of Mesopotamia (including Baghdad) to the Ottomans.


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