The Protestant Church in Congo: The Mobutu Years and their Impact

in Journal of Religion in Africa
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This paper examines the Protestant Church in Congo/Zaire during the regime of Mobutu Sese Seko. It reviews its origins as a loose affiliation of denominations during the days of the Belgian colony and the changes which came about under Bokeleale—its driving force and central figure. His goal was to do away with the autonomy of the denominations and create a super Protestant Church in the nation. With the help of government legislation, forced union and centralisation took place. It is the purpose here to highlight some of the forces that were at work and to decide what the consequences were in this marriage of the Protestant Church and the state in Zaire. Not all Protestants yielded to the pressures of state and church and by the 1990s new expressions of faith were emerging in the nation. What then were the outcomes?

The Protestant Church in Congo: The Mobutu Years and their Impact

in Journal of Religion in Africa



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See Sundkler and Steed 2000968. It is evident from the way in which Bokeleale’s governance of the Church of Christ of Congo/Zaire was maintained that he as with his patron Mobutu in the political sphere left little room for meaningful input into the running of the ECC/ECZ from any who were not totally behind his goals. Kabongo-Mbaya (1992 224) says that Bokeleale’s tactics to dominate in every area were present in what he calls his ambition to become a mini-Pope over all the communities; see his comments regarding this authority (235f.) and his considerable powers as viewed by the ECZ (362). Kabongo-Mbaya (1991 87) underlines the fact that even his own second-in-charge: Masamba Ma Mpolo who opposed the ‘episcopalianisation’ of the ECZ was forced to stand down and leave the country only to return later and become the cofounder of a political party called the Christian Democratic and Social Party (PDSC).


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