It is no longer possible to submit articles for publication in JRD.

Associate Editors:
Brian J. Grim (Religious Freedom and Business Foundation)
Todd M. Johnson (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
Vegard Skirbekk (Columbia University and Centre for Fertility and Health, Oslo)

Editorial Assistant:
Michael Hahn (Boston University)

Editorial Board:
Alicia Adserà (Princeton University)
Gu Baochang (Renmin University of China)
You Bin (Minzu University of China)
Juan Cruz Esquivel (University of Buenos Aires)
Sergio DellaPergola (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Anne Goujon (Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital)
Yang Guiping (Minzu University of China)
Melissa Hardy (The Pennsylvania State University)
Muhammad Haron (University of Botswana)
Sriya Iyer (University of Cambridge)
K.S. James (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
Antonius Liedhegener (University of Lucerne)
Eric Kaufmann (University of London)
Rachel McCleary (Harvard University)
Konrad Pedziwiatr (Cracow University of Economics)
Michaela Potančoková (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
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Gina A. Zurlo, Ph.D. (2017), is the Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, MA) and Research Fellow at Boston University’s Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs. Her research interests include world Christianity, quantitative sociology, and mission studies. She is the co-editor of the World Christian Database, associate editor of the World Religion Database, and co-author of the third edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia.

Journal of Religion and Demography

How fast is the Muslim population growing in Europe? What is the role of fertility, mortality, and international migration in explaining differences between religious and non-religious people groups? How is religion changing our world today? The Journal of Religion and Demography (JRD) explores these questions and other relevant topics.
JRD is the only journal to feature annual estimates for religious and non-religious affiliation by continent, pairing them with scholarly analyses from diverse disciplines such as social science, demography, history, and geography. Each issue presents summaries of findings, sources, and methods, along with their implications for the demography of religion. All articles are peer-reviewed and the target audience is anyone interested in demographic trends and developments regarding religion.
The journal is a continuation of the Yearbook of International Religious Demography.
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