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Executive Editors
Alberta Giorgi, University of Bergamo, Italy
Julia Martínez-Ariño, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Book Review Editor
Rosa Martínez Cuadros, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Editorial Board
Veronique Altglas (Queen’s University Belfast)
Marian Bowman (The Open University)
Peter Bräunlein (Leipzig University)
Markus Davidsen (Leiden University)
Markus Dressler (University of Bayreuth)
Carlo Ginzburg (University of California at Los Angeles)
Babette Hellemans (University of Groningen)
Hans G. Kippenberg (Jacobs University Bremen) (Founding Editor)
Benedikt Kranemann (University of Erfurt)
Hartley Lachter (Lehigh University)
Lucian Leustean (Aston University)
Mia Lövheim (Uppsala University)
András Máté-Tóth (Szeged University, Hungary)
Jerry Pankhurst (Wittenberg University)
Mark Sedgwick (Aarhus University)
Marat Shterin (King’s College London)
Siniša Zrinščak (Zagreb University)
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Journal of Religion in Europe

The peer-reviewed Journal of Religion in Europe provides a forum for multi-disciplinary research into the complex dynamics of religious discourses and practices in Europe, both historical and contemporary. The journal’s underlying idea is that religion in Europe is characterized by a variety of pluralisms. There is a pluralism of religious communities that actively engage with one another. Additionally, there is a pluralism of societal systems, such as nations, law, politics, economy, science, and art, all of which interact with religious systems. There is also a pluralism of scholarly discourses, including religious studies, legal studies, history, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and psychology, that are addressing the religious dynamics involved. The Journal of Religion in Europe encourages new research that responds to the changing European dimension of social and cultural studies regarding these pluralisms.
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Latest Issue

Food, Diversification and Urban Transformation in Barcelona
The Italian Debate on Matteo Salvini’s Use of Religious Symbols on Facebook
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The Study of Religious Rhetoric and Imagery During the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine (2013–2014)
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Ecumenism and Scottish Nationalism in the Twenty-First Century
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Crypto-Catholics, Enlightenment, and the Emergence of “Catholic-ism” in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany
Constructing Memory-Based and Space-Bounded Identity Narratives in Finland
The Negotiation of Relationality and Social Stigmas in Swiss Vineyards
A Contemporary Perspective
Trends and Conceptions of Spirituality in Northern Europe
Tradition, Ambiguity, and Transformation
Georgia’s Secular Moderns Challenge the ‘Spoon-Worshippers’
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Religion and Peace in a Multi-ethnic Village in Georgia
The Case of Georgian Muslim Boarding Houses
Religious and National Dimensions of the Georgian-Jewish Identity
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Between Soviet and Post-Soviet Modernities