A Reply to Franco Fabbro, ‘The Benefit of Expanding the Cultural, Scientific Religious and Frontiers of Historical Jesus Research

A Review of Rinaldo Fabris’s Gesù il “Nazareno”: Indagine storica’

In: Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

In the conclusions to his detailed and extensive review Professor Franco Fabbro draws the reader’s attention to three ‘weak points’ of my research on ‘Jesus the Nazarene’: (1) the ‘anthropological-religious’ perception of Jesus, (2) the view that Jesus was ‘illiterate’ and (3) the lack of comparison ‘between Jesus (along with his activity) and the most important religious traditions besides Judaism and Islam’—in particular, Hinduism and Buddhism. Besides addressing these three, I would also like to reply to other criticisms raised by Fabbro in his review. Towards the end of my contribution I will discuss the issue of the biblical culture of Jesus and clarify my methodological approach to research on the historical Jesus.