Response to Rafael Rodríguez, ‘Jesus as his Friends Remembered Him

A Review of Dale Allison’s Constructing Jesus’

In: Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

This article responds to Raphael Rodríguez's discussion of my book, Constructing Jesus.

For the most part, his appreciative description of my contribution and aims is accurate. Three points, however, call for further clarification. The first has to do with the extent to which human memory is reliable—I am less sanguine than is Rodríguez—and the ways in which modern cognitive studies should affect Jesus research. The second concerns whether or not my method can be formalized—I do not think it can be—and thus commended to others. The third has to do with the larger goals of my volume, which are misunderstood if one fails to see that the book quite consciously restricts itself to a small number of topics.

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