Evolution or Devolution?

Defining Fair and Equitable Treatment in International Investment Law

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
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  • 1 B. Comm., LL.B., LL.M. (Columbia). The author wishes to thank the faculty and staff at the University of Otago, New Zealand for their assistance in the completion of this article during the course of the author's tenure there as a Visiting Lecturer. The author may be contacted at: ‹Barnali@gmx.net›.

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  • See ADF Group Inc. v. United States c)fanierica (ADF Grollp), ICSID Case No. APB(AF)/00/1, 1 ICSID Rev.-F.I.L.J. 195, Vol. 18, 2003, at para. 190. Fair and equitable treatment is generally considered to be an aspect of the international minimum standard of treatment.

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  • ' Free Trade Commission (FIe), Note of Interpretation Concerning Article 1105, issued 31 July 2001; available at: <www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/tna-nac/NAFTA-Interpr-en.asp> (last visited 8 February 2005) (hereinafter FTC Note). '" See, for example, the dicta of the panels in Loewen, supra, footnote 8, and Alolldev, supra, footnote 8, and the discussion in David Ganz, The Revolution of FTA Investment Provisions: From NAF'rA to the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement, 19 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 679, 2004, at 716. " Although the fair and equitable treatment standard is found in almost all BtTS, several multilateral investment treaties also specify the standard. See, for example, Article 4R of The United Nations Code �)fcotidiict on TrallSllatiorl<11 Corporation;, United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, Current Studies, Series A, New York, 1986, UN Doc. ST/Crc/SER.A/4. Annex 1; Article m(2) of the World Bank Guidelines on Treatment of Foreign Direct Investment, available at: �ita.law.uvic.ca/documents/WorIdBank.pdf (last visited 8 February 2005); and Article 10(1) of the Energy Charter Treaty, available at: <www.enchartcr.org/ index.jsp?psk=01&ptp=tDetaiI.jsp&'pci=265&-pti=12) (last visited 8 February 2005). 12 See, for example, Article 2(a) of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the United States and The Czech Republic, signed 22 October 1991, entered into force 19 December 1992, available at: <www.mzv.cz/ washington/ekon/ekon_us/bit.pd6 (last visited 8 February 2005); Article 2(a) of the 1996 BIT between the Republic of Armenia and the United States, available at: <www.aniieniaforeignministry.com/doc7conventions/ 92-16-americainvestprotect-23-09-92-e.pdfi (last visited 8 February 2005); and Article 11(2) of the 1986 BIT between the United States and Grenada, available at: (www.sice.oas.org/bits/usagrcn1.asp) (last visited 8 February 2005).

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  • -' However, as will be seen, NARTA panels have accepted that due process rights are an element of the fair and equitable treatment standard. 21 Waste Mt)nt�<'HK');f. Iiic. o. United Mexican States, (Wa�te Management), 43 I.L.M. 967, 2004. 22 Ibid., at para.98 23 Supra, footnotc 8.

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  • 69WasteManagement,supra, footnote 21, at para. 109. 11 However, since the dispute in question was unresolved, the Tribunal determined that a decision on the fair and equitable claim was premature. See SGS Soci�t� Generale de SlIrt'eillallœ S.A. v. Republic of the Philippine, Icon) Case No. ARB/02/6: available at: 'www.worldbank.org/icsid/cases/pending.htt1l). 71 Waste Management, supra, footnote 21, at para. 115. 72 Id. 71 CAMl Investments, Inc. v. United Mexican States, (CAMt), 15 November 2004; available at: <www.state.gov/ s/)/c7H9.htm<, at para. 103 (last visited 8 February 2005). �� Ibid., at para. 108. �5 Ibid., at para. 97.

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