Late Antique Archaeology

Late Antique Archaeology is published annually by Brill, based on papers given at the conference series of the same title, which meets annually in London. Contributions generally aim to present broad syntheses on topics relating to the year's theme, discussions of key issues, or try to provide summaries of relevant new fieldwork. Although papers from the conference meetings form the core of each volume, relevant articles, especially syntheses, are welcome from other scholars. All papers are subject to satisfying the comments of two anonymous referees, managed by the discretion of the editors. The editorial committee includes Albrecht Berger, Will Bowden, Kimberly Bowes, Averil Cameron, Beatrice Caseau, James Crow, Jitse Dijkstra, Sauro Gelichi, Jean-Pierre Sodini, Bryan Ward-Perkins, Emanuele Vaccaro and Enrico Zanini.

Please note that this journal is now continued as a book series, Late Antique Archaeology. Volumes 9, 10, 11, and 12 have also been published as books (volume 11 and 12 as one book):

- Field Methods and Post-Excavation Techniques in Late Antique Archaeology.
- Local Economies? Production and Exchange of Inland Regions in Late Antiquity.
- Environment and Society in the Long Late Antiquity.

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