Middle East Law and Governance

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Editor: Janine A. Clark
Middle East Law and Governance (MELG) is a peer-reviewed venue for scholarly analysis on issues pertaining to governance and social, economic, and ideological transformation in the modern Middle East and North Africa region. We broadly conceive governance as the processes and decision-making leading to the creation, reinforcement or reproduction of social norms and/or institutions. Filling a gap in the academic literature, MELG tackles with breadth and depth compelling governance issues generally and comparatively. The journal addresses interested readers in both the academic and policy worlds. MELG brings a global commitment to path-breaking intersectional scholarship and draws on the expertise and leadership of editorial and advisory boards of respected faculty and scholars from around the world.
The journal welcomes research that explores the intersection of ideational, legal, societal, economic, and political themes broadly construed. MELG’s interdisciplinary approach is meant to attract scholars from a wide range of disciplines (anthropology, economics, gender studies, history, legal studies, political science, political theory, religious studies, urban studies and so on). We also welcome submissions that deploy conceptually and methodologically novel and alternative approaches. Though a journal with a regional focus, MELG discusses issues of critical importance to the modern Middle East and North Africa without presupposing conceptual, methodological, disciplinary, analytic or even geographic boundaries.
For more information, please contact Janine A. Clark.

Brill and MELG actively support Open Access publication. For more information please visit Brill’s Open Access pages. To access all of MELG’s open access content, please click here. MELG also publishes freely accessible podcasts and blogs with select authors regarding their research. You can read our latest blog post here: MELG Blog

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