Light on the Water in Silius Italicus’ Punica and Claudian’s De Raptu Proserpinae

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  • 3

    See the identification in Littlewood 2011ad loc. and the longer discussion in Fernandelli 2005/2006 88-90.

  • 6

    Barratt 1979ad loc. notes the connection.

  • 7

    See Augoustakis 2010127-136.

  • 9

    See Stocks 2014218-221Tipping 2010 and Bassett 1966. For the identification between the historical Hannibal and Hercules see Rawlings 2005.

  • 10

    See Stocks 2010.

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    See Marks 2014.

  • 12

    See Pollmann 2004ad loc.; tll s.v. imago 407.79-408.29.

  • 14

    Harrison 20039-16 discusses the term’s metapoetic role in similes. Breed 2013 74-94 examines the phrase imago uocis as a metaphor for intertextuality. See also Sznajder 2013.

  • 16

    See Gruzelier 1993ad loc. Claudian may have also employed a parallel connection to Silius’ images of light on water in his description of dawn: Claud. drp 2.2-3 tremulis uibratur in undis / ardor et errantes ludunt per caerula flammae. This passage may potentially draw on Silius’ description of the sky clearing after the storm sent by Jupiter that turns Hannibal aside from Rome: Sil. Pun. 12.731-732 redditur extemplo flagrantior aethere lampas / et tremula infuso resplendent caerula Phoebo. Hannibal’s failure to capture Rome is one of the major turning points in the Punica one engineered by Jupiter in order to allow the fulfillment of Roman historical destiny. See Chaudhuri 2014 231-255. The opening of drp 2 offers an equally significant narrative turn the prelude to Proserpina’s rape a crime similarly contrived by Jupiter.

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