Multisensory Integration in Migraine: Recent Developments

in Multisensory Research
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There are well-documented unimodal sensory differences in migraine compared to control groups both during, and between migraine attacks. There is also some evidence of multisensory integration differences in migraine groups compared to control groups, however the literature on this topic is more limited. There are interesting avenues in the area of visual–vestibular integration, which might have practical implications, e.g., motion sickness and nausea in migraine. Recent work has been investigating the possibility of visual–auditory integration in migraine, and found possible differences in the susceptibility to the sound-induced flash illusion in particular, which could give insights into relative excitability of different areas of the cortex, and also into mechanisms for the illusions themselves. This review updates the most recent literature and also highlights potentially fruitful areas of research to understand one of the most common neurological disorders.

Multisensory Integration in Migraine: Recent Developments

in Multisensory Research



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