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Need support prior to submitting your manuscript? Make the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript easier with Brill's suite of author services, an online platform that connects academics seeking support for their work with specialized experts who can help. Nematologica is the leading journal in its field and an essential tool for university teachers, research workers and agricultural industries. Its subject matter includes methodology, morphological, biochemical and molecular taxonomy, and systematics of soil, plant, insect and marine nematodes; structure, ultrastructure, genetics, developmental biology and physiology; host interactions, histopathology and tolerance and resistance mechanisms, population dynamics, community structures and biomonitoring; distribution; climatic, biotic and abiotic factors; epidemiology and associations with viruses and fungi and control including chemicals - natural and synthetic - biological, cultural and integrated pest management methods. The high standards of peer review make Nematologica an essential journal for the validation of nematology research in all these fields. The Editorial Board especially aims to attract papers presenting the results from the application of molecular sciences to any aspect of nematology and from the study of nematodes and their interrelationships in ecological research. The contents page of each issue of Nematologica is published in Current Contents, the journal is also covered in Science Citation Index and SciSearch (the Science Citation Index online database). We are happy to announce that the editorial board of Nematologica will be reinforced by Daniel Orion (Volcani Center, Israel) and Sergei Subbotin (Moscow) as per January 1, 1998.

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