Description of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) from South Africa

in Nematology
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A new cyst nematode, herein described as Globodera sandveldensis n. sp., was found in the Sandveld, Western Cape Province, South Africa. As the host plant of G. sandveldensis n. sp. is currently unknown, the species is represented by cysts and second-stage juveniles (J2) only. The J2 are characterised by a well developed stylet of 26.4 (24.8-28.5) μm with rounded to anteriorly flattened knobs. The distance from the dorsal pharyngeal gland outlet to the stylet knobs is 4.5 (2.4-7.2) μm. The tail is 64 (56-77) μm long and the length of the hyaline region is 33 (22-39) μm. The cysts are characterised by their ovate to spherical shape, short neck, and the presence of subcuticular punctations and bullae or vulval bodies. Six to 14 cuticular ridges/lines are present on the outer surface of the cyst between the anus and vulval basin. Granek’s ratio is 1.7 (0.9-3.0), the vulval basin diam. is 20.4 (13.1-34.6) μm and the distance between vulval basin and anus is 33.5 (19.7-54.0) μm. Phylogenetic relationships with other species of the genus, inferred from ITS-rDNA sequences, indicate that G. sandveldensis n. sp. is included in the clade of Globodera sp. that parasitise non-solanaceous plants and is closely related to unidentified Globodera spp. from Portugal, G. millefolii, and G. artemisiae.

Description of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) from South Africa

in Nematology



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    Locations of populations of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp., located in the Sandveld Region of South Africa. The sampling locations are indicated in parentheses.

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    Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. A: Entire cysts; B, C: Terminal areas of different cysts showing subcuticular bullae and cuticular ridges between vulval basin and anus; D-F: Head region of different second-stage juvenile (J2); G-I: Tail region of different J2. (Scale bars: A = 500 μm; B-I = 10 μm.)

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    Photomicrographs of cysts of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. A, B: Cyst vulval plate showing cuticular ornamentation; C, D: Cyst vulval plate showing bullae. Abbreviations: a = anus; b = bullae; c = cuticular ridges; f = vulval fenestra. (Scale bars = 10 μm.)

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    Photomicrographs of second-stage juveniles of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. A, B: Anterior region; C, D: Tail region. Abbreviations: a = anus; h = hyaline region; k = knobs; m = median bulb; s = stylet. (Scale bars = 10 μm.)

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    Cysts of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. (SEM). A: Neck; B: Cuticular ornamentation in neck area; C: Cross section of cyst wall (the two measurements represent the A, B and C layers, as described in Subbotin et al., 2010; A + B layers = 2.418 μm and C layer = 6.012 μm); D: Punctations on cyst wall; E: Internal morphology of cyst wall; F: External morphology of cyst wall. Abbreviations: a = anus; b = vulval bodies/bullae; c = cuticular ridges; e = excretory pore; f = vulval fenestra; p = punctations.

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    Second-stage juveniles of Globodera sandveldensis n. sp. (SEM). A, B: Head (A: Lateral view; B: Frontal view); C: Mid-body, showing lateral lines; D-F: Tail (D: Lateral view of entire tail, arrow showing anus; E: Ventral view of termination of lateral lines, arrow showing phasmid; F: Detail of anus, showing ornamentation).

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