Contemplative Aspects of Pentecostal Spirituality

A Case Study of a Retreat Experience in Asia

In: Journal of Pentecostal Theology

How is the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit working through contemplative aspects of Pentecostal spirituality in Asia where Christianity thrives in a hostile environment today? Are there any insights that Pentecostal churches of the Global North can learn and experience deeper transformation through the Holy Spirit in a post-Christian world? This article shares a recent experience of a retreat with a group of Asian Pentecostal pastors. It describes how they, both individually and as a group, encountered God through contemplative practice within the praxis of their spiritual tradition. Drawing from their experiences grounded in Scripture, the article explores the key theological issues of silence, body, and response. Pentecostal churches are therefore encouraged to be eager to learn from the lived experiences of pastors in Asia and receptive to contemplative aspects of Pentecostal spirituality.