Common Grace as a Hermeneutical Approach to Globalization?

Kuyper’s Teaching of Common Grace in Current Public Theological Reflection on Globalization

in Philosophia Reformata
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The reformed theologian Max L. Stackhouse develops a differentiated analysis and interpretation of globalization as part of his public theology. He consistently refers to Kuyper's concept of common grace and transfers Kuyper's teaching into a hermeneutical approach to sociological analysis. First, the paper sketches Stackhouse's understanding of globalization as a theological process, then analyses the influences of Kuyper's theology of grace and finally shows the theological roots of Stackhouse's doctrine of grace and methodological problems associated with it. It closes with remarks on the opportunities and limits of Stackhouse's approach to the theological interpretation of globalization.

Common Grace as a Hermeneutical Approach to Globalization?

Kuyper’s Teaching of Common Grace in Current Public Theological Reflection on Globalization

in Philosophia Reformata



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