The Xianggu Mushroom Industry in Xixia County, Henan: A Case Study (西峡香菇产业的个案研究)

in Rural China
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The xianggu (shiitake) mushroom industry in Xixia county, Henan, emerged and initially experienced rapid growth during the reform and opening up period. It has benefited from both the rapid expansion of the food consumption market in China and the guidance and support of the local government. After thirty years of sustained expansion, the growth of the mushroom market began to slow down and competition within the industry became fierce. Facing rich and powerful mushroom dealers, individual mushroom farmers have had to bear the brunt of market fluctuations. To break the predicament of farmers’ suffering from low prices (because of the bumper harvest paradox) and to help farmers protect their interests and gain a fair share of the industry’s profits, and thus to achieve sustained and healthy development of the mushroom industry, important institutional innovations are needed.

西峡县香菇产业在改革开放时期经历了从零开始的飞速增长,这既得益于食品消费市场的迅速扩张,也得益于地方政府的引导和扶持。在经历了三十年的持续扩张后,香菇市场增速开始放缓,业内竞争压力凸显。面对财大气粗的菇行,势孤力单的个体菇农首当其冲,受到市场的挤压。要破解菇贱伤农的困局,帮助菇农保护自己的利益和分享产业的利润,并实现香菇产业的健康持续发展,就需要在产业组织和制度上进行创新。 (This article is in English.)

The Xianggu Mushroom Industry in Xixia County, Henan: A Case Study (西峡香菇产业的个案研究)

in Rural China



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