Heidegger and the Communicative World

In: Research in Phenomenology


The treatment of communication (Mitteilung) in Heidegger has often been relegated to a secondary status. In this essay, I attempt to remedy this tendency. In my attempt, I first focus on the role of language in Being and Time through focusing on Heidegger’s treatment of λόγος in the introduction, followed by the role of language in the constitution of the being of the da. The latter takes into account the special status of language in relation to the other two constituent moments of the being of the da, i.e., understanding and attunement or moodedness. In Being and Time, understanding and attunement become factically disclosed as projection and thrownness. However, this disclosure occurs through language as communication. The nature of this disclosure as communication is the holding open of the da, a holding open of the da for the other, the keeping open of world through communication for community. Finally, consistent with Aristotle, community is thought as the basis of the political.

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