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Martin Saar, University of Leipzig, Germany
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Titus Stahl, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Dr. Danielle Petherbridge is IRC Marie Curie Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at Barnard, Columbia University, New York and Lecturer in Continental European Philosophy at University College Dublin. Her publications include: The Critical Theory of Axel Honneth, (2013); Body/Self/Other: The Phenomenology of Social Encounters, with Luna Dolezal (forthcoming); Axel Honneth: Critical Essays, with a Reply by Axel Honneth, (2011); co-editor of Recognition, Work, Politics: New Directions in French Critical Theory (2007) and co-editor of Critical Horizons. She is also an editor of Social and Critical Theory series published by Brill Academic Publishers.

Brill Research Perspectives in Critical Theory

As of 2021, Brill Research Perspectives in Critical Theory is no longer published as a journal by Brill, but will continue as a book series. Brill Research Perspectives in Critical Theory offers a comprehensive reference resource for scholars and students working in the areas of philosophy, critical theory, aesthetics, cultural and literary theory, political and social theory. The journal provides in-depth scholarly articles on the main issues and figures in critical theory understood in its broadest terms. This includes the long historical legacy of critique from Rousseau, Kant, the Romantics, Hegel and Marx, through to Western Marxism and the Frankfurt School, as well as contemporary French Critical Theory, Feminist and Critical Race Theory.

The articles within the journal also examine important intersections between critical and political theory, aesthetics, cultural and literary theory. The resource covers and explains the most central terms and approaches to critical theory as well as important intellectual movements and influences. Each issue is fully peer-reviewed and referenced and provides the most up-to-date research in the area. The Brill Research Perspectives in Critical Theory is an invaluable resource for scholars wishing to draw on the latest research, as well as a dynamic resource for teaching and for students working in critical theories and related fields.

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