Catastrophe and Conflict: Disaster Diplomacy and Its Foreign Policy Implications

in Brill Research Perspectives in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
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Disaster diplomacy examines how and why disaster-related activities (disaster response and disaster risk reduction) do and do not lead to diplomatic endeavours. With respect to foreign policy implications, the main question examined here is: Under what circumstances could disaster diplomacy be actively made to succeed or not succeed? Previous case studies are summarised followed by new case studies of disease diplomacy and climate change diplomacy. From the case studies, disaster diplomacy could succeed when those in power decide that they want it to succeed and then use their power for that goal. This situation is not likely to arise because of only disaster-related activities. Instead, pre-existing interests supporting diplomacy are needed.

Catastrophe and Conflict: Disaster Diplomacy and Its Foreign Policy Implications

in Brill Research Perspectives in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy



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