Brill Research Perspectives in Quaker Studies

Editors-in-Chief: Stephen W. Angell and Pink Dandelion
This wide-ranging and fascinating series supplements a growing catalogue of historical, sociological, and theological scholarship in the thriving and interdisciplinary field of Quaker Studies. Individual articles will speak to the broad spectrum of Quaker belief and practice, to the significance of the history of Quaker traditions, and to the many areas in which Quaker Studies contributes to other fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Work on Quakerism impacts both wider church history and theological debate, as well as current themes in the sociology of religion. The Quaker attitude to spiritual equality also engages women’s studies scholars, and the Quaker commitment to peace and social justice relates to wider issues of political theory and peace studies. As the field of Quaker Studies continues to grow and redefine itself, this series will make a significant contribution to making up-to-date scholarship accessible to specialists as well as to a broad academic community.
Stephen W. Angell, Earlham School of Religion, Indiana
Pink Dandelion, University of Birmingham

Associate Editors:
Robynne Healey, Trinity Western University, British Columbia
Jon Kershner, Pacific Lutheran University, Washington
C. Wess Daniels, Guilford College, North Carolina