Valsamis Mitsilegas, Queen Mary University of London

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Call for Papers
Authors are requested to submit material for consideration in English. All contributions will be subject to a peer review process. For further details please contact Valsamis Mitsilegas.
Valsamis Mitsilegas is Professor of European Criminal Law, Director of the Criminal Justice Centre, and Head of the Department of Law at Queen Mary University of London. He is also Co-Coordinator of the European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN).

Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime

Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime is the first major research series focusing exclusively on the growing academic and policy area of transnational crime. The aim of the publication is to be interdisciplinary, inviting contributions in the field of transnational criminal law but also contributions by authors embracing socio-legal, criminological, international relations, and political science perspectives. Contributions by authors with a governmental and policy background are also invited.

The publication aims to highlight the emergence of transnational crime as a distinct policy field and area of academic scholarship. Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime is seen as encompassing a number of key areas of criminality that the global community has been trying to address, including money laundering, organised crime, corruption, terrorism, environmental crime, and trafficking in human beings.

Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime aims to attract a global audience and to promote comparative and transnational approaches to the field. It fills a gap in the academic literature across the disciplines, where there is a growing interest in publications in the field (as witnessed by the emergence of a number of research handbooks on Transnational Crime and Transnational Criminal Law in recent years).

It is a key reference point for academics, scholars, research students, and taught students in the field of transnational crime in disciplines including law, criminology, sociology, political science, and international relations. Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime is also targeted to legal practitioners, government officials, policy makers, and NGOs.

Brill Research Perspectives in Transnational Crime is the result of a cooperative endeavor with the Criminal Justice Centre of Queen Mary University of London, from whose endorsement and intellectual leadership it benefits immensely.

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