Secular Studies

Secular Studies publishes original research on secularity, both historical and contemporary, and secular issues and agendas from multi-disciplinary and international perspectives. Historical, literary, cultural, political, anthropological, sociological, psychological, and philosophical studies of secular thought and living are sought, along with research on nonreligion, atheism, agnosticism, humanism, and naturalism. Also welcome are comparative, intersectional, and cross-cultural studies of secularity and secular people, investigations into types of secularism and patterns to secularization, and explorations of church-state relations around the world. Suitable submissions will receive double-blind peer review. All articles are published in English.

Individuals are eligible for free access to Secular Studies until 31 December 2020, using access token SECU4U. Click here for more information.

Latest Articles

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On Replacing Nonreligion with Identities
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Locating Nonreligion and Secularity
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Nonreligion in the Context of Religious Diversity

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