In Defense of Piecemeal Skepticism

International Journal for the Study of Skepticism
著者: Philip Atkins 1
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  • 1 Temple University, USA

Anthony Brueckner and Jon Altschul suggest a version of skepticism according to which the skeptic posits a distinct skeptical hypothesis for each external world proposition that a person claims to know. In a recent issue of this journal, Eric Yang argues against this piecemeal approach. In this note, I show that Yang’s argument against piecemeal skepticism is fallacious.

  • Brueckner A., and Altschul J., (2010). “Terms of Envatment.” In Brueckner A., Essays on Skepticism, 174176. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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  • Yang E. (2015). “Against Piecemeal Skepticism,” International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 5: 253256.

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