Writing as Sacrilege and Necessity

The Poetics of ‘Mučenice’ (2013) by Želimir Periš

Transcultural Studies

The paper interprets the collection of stories as a unified generic whole with precedents in the literary canon of former Yugoslavia and in world literature. The stories, united by the sujet of suffering, play with the transgression of myths, from Ancient to Christian, in order to establish sacrilege as poetics and as the necessity of writing.

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    Compare Michel Foucault“Preface to Transgression,” in Language Counter-Memory Practice: Selected Essays and Interviewsed. with an intro. by Donald F. Bouchard and Sherry Simon (Cornell Ithaca 1977).

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    Želimir PerišMučenice. (Zagreb: Algoritam2013) p. 106. Želimir Periš Micenice. (Zagreb: Algoritam 2013 211 pp.)

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    Ibid. p. 196.


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