A review of Microdontinae (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Surinam, with a key to the Neotropical genera

in Tijdschrift voor Entomologie
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The fauna of Microdontinae (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Surinam is reviewed, based on a recent field survey by the author and a re-evaluation of previously collected material, mostly deposited in the RMNH collection (Leiden). A key to all 28 Neotropical genera of the subfamily is given. A total number of 42 species belonging to 13 genera are recorded from Surinam. Habitus photographs of all species are given. Compared with the checklist of Van Doesburg (1966), 24 species are added and five are removed. The following new species are described: Domodon peperpotensis sp. n., Microdon (Microdon) colakriki sp. n., Peradon satyricus sp. n. and Peradon sciarus sp. n. Five possibly new species are left unnamed, pending revisionary work of the species groups they belong to. A neotype is designated for Aphritis angustus Macquart, 1846. The following new synonymies are proposed: Microdon instabilis Wiedemann, 1830 = Microdon aurifex Wiedemann, 1830 jun. syn. n., Microdon batesi Shannon, 1927 = Microdon beebei Curran, 1936 syn. n.

A review of Microdontinae (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Surinam, with a key to the Neotropical genera

in Tijdschrift voor Entomologie



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    Dorsal habitus of Microdon species. – 1, M. (Chymophila) SUR-02 male, Peperpot 24.ii.2006; 2, M. (Chymophila) stramineus female, Nassau Mts. 11.iii.1949; 3, M. (Chymophila) stramineus male, Nassau Mts. 11.iii.1949; 4, M. colakriki male, Colakreek 9.iii.2006, holotype; 5, M. brutus female, Albina 26.iv.1963; 6, M. rufiventris female, Perica 15–29.x.1997; 7, M. rufiventris male, Brownsberg 5.ii.2006; 8, M. rufiventris male (dark form), Fungu Island 15.ii.2006; 9, M. virgo male, Brownsberg 4.iii.2006. Scale bar: 10 mm.

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    Dorsal habitus of Microdontinae. – 10, Ceratophya notata female, Zanderij 18–21.vii.1964; 11, Chrysidimyia chrysidimima female, Republiek 17.viii.1961; 12, Chrysidimyia chrysidimima male, Republiek 17.viii.1961; 13, Laetodon geijskesi male, Paramaribo 4.vii.1962 (paratype); 14, Laetodon geijskesi female, Kwatta 28.i–1.ii.1964 (paratype); 15, Domodon peperpotensis male, Peperpot 6–14.iv.2006 (holotype); 16, Domodon zodiacus male, Paramaribo zoo 18–27.ii.2006 (holotype); 17, Schizoceratomyia barretoi male, Zanderij 11.v.1963; 18, Schizoceratomyia flavipes male, Brownsberg 4.iii–1.iv.2006; 19, Surimyia minutula male, Zanderij 13–16.viii.1964 (holotype); 20, Surimyia rolanderi female, Peperpot 14–21.iii.2006. Scale bar: 10 mm.

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    Dorsal habitus of Peradon species. – 21, P. angustiventris male, Colakreek 30.iii.2006; 22, P. angustus female, Mopentibo 19.iv.2006; 23, P. luridescens male, Nason 19.iii.2006; 24, P. luridescens female, Brownsberg 14.ix.1938; 25, P. bidens male, Zanderij 16.iii.2006; 26, P. langi male, Zanderij 30.iii.2006; 27, P. sciarus male, Awarradam 13.iv.2006 (holotype); 28, P. satyricus male, Brownsberg 2.iv.2006 (holotype). Scale bar: 10 mm.

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    Dorsal habitus of Microdontinae. – 29, Peradon SUR-17a female, Brownsberg 2.iv.2006; 30, P. SUR-17b female, Brownsberg 2.iv.2006; 31, P. SUR-18 male, ‘Surinam’; 32, P. flavofascium male, Raleigh Falls 16.vii.1963; 33, P. flavofascium female, Colakreek 30.iii.2006; 34, P. trivittatum male, Carolinakreek 30.iv.1962; 35, Pseudomicrodon batesi male, Phedra 14.xii.1964; 36, Pseudomicrodon nigrispinosus male, Republiek 18.iv.1960; 37, Pseudomicrodon SUR-22 female, Zanderij 21.viii.1963; 38, Rhopalosyrphus guentherii male, Paramaribo 2.v.1962. Scale bar: 10 mm.

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    Dorsal habitus of Microdontinae. – 39, Stipomorpha mackiei female, Oost-Westverbinding 70 km E Paramaribo 21.x.1995; 40, S. mackiei male, Charlesburg 21.i.1964; 41, S. mixta female, Brownsberg 2.iv.2006; 42, S. mendax male, Ma Retraite 14.i.1964 (paratype); 43, S. mendax female, Kwatta 1.ii.1964 (paratype); 44, S. spuria male, Peperpot 20.iv.2006 (holotype); 45, S. goettei female, Zanderij road to Kraka 16.iii.2006; 46, S. guianica male, Peperpot 28.iii.2008; 47, S. guianica female, Peperpot 2–9.ii.2006; 48, S. lanei male, Paramaribo 9.xii.1957; 49, S. lacteipennis female, Peperpot 20–27.iv.2006; 50, S. puerilis female, Zanderij 23.ix.1960; 51, Carreramyia megacera female, Peperpot 17–24.ii.2006 (holotype); 52, Rhoga SUR-01 female, Peperpot 9–17.ii.2006.

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    Chrysidimyia chrysidimima, Republiek 17.viii.1961, male genitalia, lateral view.

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    Domodon peperpotensis sp. n. male (holotype). – 54, habitus lateral; 55, head frontal; 56, head lateral; 57, genitalia lateral.

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    Microdon (Chymophila), male genitalia. – 58, M. aurifex holotype; 59, M. instabilis holotype.

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    Microdon (Microdon) colakriki sp. n., male (holotype). – 60, habitus lateral; 61, head frontal; 62, genitalia lateral.

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    Microdon (Microdon) rufiventris male. – 63, habitus lateral; 64, genitalia lateral.

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    Microdon (Microdon) virgo male, genitalia lateral.

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    Peradon satyricus sp. n. male (holotype). – 66, habitus lateral; 67, head lateral; 68, scutellum dorsal; 69, genitalia lateral.

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    Peradon sciarus sp. n. male. – 70, habitus lateral (holotype); 71, head frontal (holotype); 72, genitalia lateral (paratype).

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    Peradon, head frontal. – 73, P. SUR-17a female; 74, P. SUR-18 male.

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    Pseudomicrodon, male genitalia. – 75, P. batesi, Phedra 14.xii.1964; 76, P. nigrispinosus, Republiek 18.iv.1960.

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    Wings of Microdontinae. – 77, Aristosyrphus; 78, Mixogaster; 79, Surimyia; 80, Ceratophya; 81, Microdon (Chymophila); 82, Microdon (Microdon). Wing terms used in the key are indicated in Fig. 77.

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    Microdon (Microdon), head lateral. – 83, sensu stricto: anterolateral corners of oral margin rounded; 84, virgo-group: anterolateral corners of oral margin angular.

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    Ceratophya, abdomen lateral: tergites not fused, overlapping.

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    Stipomorpha, base of abdomen ventral.

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    Ubristes, tergite 2 dorsal.

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    Menidon, antenna.

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    Pseudomicrodon, head lateral.

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    Aristosyrphus (Eurypterosyrphus), head lateral.

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    Carreramyia, hind leg.

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    Rhoga, head lateral.

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    Hypselosyrphus, head lateral.

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