Tachinidae (Diptera) reared from Ropalidia nests (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) from Madagascar, with two new species of Anacamptomyia

in Tijdschrift voor Entomologie
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This paper deals with the Tachinidae reared from Ropalidia nests collected on Madagascar. The material belongs to two genera, Anacamptomyia and Parapales, each represented by two species. Both species of Anacamptomyia are described as new: A. aurifrons sp. n. and A. blommersi sp. n. Their relation to the species from the Afrotropical mainland is discussed. The host records for Parapales are the first for this genus, supporting their placement in the Anacamptomyia group.

Tachinidae (Diptera) reared from Ropalidia nests (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) from Madagascar, with two new species of Anacamptomyia

in Tijdschrift voor Entomologie



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    Anacamptomyia aurifrons sp. n., male (Madagascar): (1) habitus, dorsal (holotype); (2) head and thorax, lateral; (3) head, dorsal; (4) abdomen, latero-dorsal. Anacamptomyia blommersi sp. n. male (Madagascar): (5) habitus, dorsal (holotype); (6) head and thorax, lateral; (7) head, dorsal; (8) abdomen, latero-dorsal.


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