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K. Greschat (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
J. Lössl (Cardiff University, UK)
J. van Oort (Nijmegen, Netherlands/Pretoria, South Africa)
B.D. Ehrman (University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, USA)
G. Rouwhorst (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
D.T. Runia (Melbourne, Australia)
C. Scholten (Universität Köln, Germany)

Executive Editors
K. Greschat (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
J. Lössl (Cardiff University, UK)

Book Review Editor
J. van Oort (Nijmegen/Pretoria)

Books for review should be sent to:
Professor J. van Oort, Book Review Editor Vigiliae Christianae
Brill Academic Publishers
P.O. Box 9000
2300 PA Leiden
The Netherlands

Associate Editors
S.L. de Blaauw (Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
A. Le Boulluec (Paris, France)
A. Cain (Boulder, CO, USA)
D.G. Hunter (Boston, USA)
L. Karvíkova (Prague, Czech Republic)
J. Leemans (Leuven, Belgium)
S. Lunn-Rockliffe (Cambridge, UK)
B. Neil (Brisbane, Australia)
L. Van Hoof (Ghent, Belgium)
J.van der Vliet (Leiden/Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
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"Since 1947, when the study of early Christian literature became steadily invigorated after World War II, Vigiliae Christianae (which could be translated as "Watch over things Christian") has led the field with its unique combination of studies of literature, epigraphy, apocrypha, and Nag Hammadi texts. It is a truly international periodical with its articles and book reviews in major languages in the field." - Professor Pauline Allen, Director of the Centre for Early Christian Studies at the Australian Catholic University in Brisbane
"Vigiliae Christianae is the premier journal in the field of early Christian studies, publishing for its readers the highest quality articles. In my opinion, there is no comparable venue for cutting edge and creative research, particularly in the areas of New Testament apocrypha, Nag Hammadi studies, and early patristics. Vigiliae Christianae consistently publishes studies that define and redefine these areas, making it a "classic" journal in its own right." - April DeConick, Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies Rice University
"One of the major scientific journals in the study of religion, Vigiliae Christianae is an indispensable tool for scholars and researchers in Christianity and late Antiquity. The wide range of its articles provides a fresh view, from a historical, literary, and philological perspective, on the different aspects of Christian movements and the various influences upon them." - Madeleine Scopello, Docteur in antiquities, H.D.R. Researcher at Centre National de la recherché Scientifique Université Paris IV–Sorbonne, Paris

Vigiliae Christianae

A Review of Early Christian Life and Language

Vigiliae Christianae contains articles and short notes of an historical, cultural, linguistic or philological nature on early Christian literature written after the New Testament, as well as on Christian epigraphy and archaeology. Church and dogmatic history are dealt with as they relate to social history; Byzantine and medieval literature are treated as far as they exhibit continuity with the early Christian period.

● Leading journal in its field.
● Extensive book review section giving a critical analysis of other titles related to the field.
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