The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies

The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies is an annual critical bibliography of scholarly work done in the modern languages (except English). The bibliography is collaboratively edited under the direction of the general editors. All contributions are in English and written by acknowledged experts in the field.
The following languages and literatures are covered:
- Medieval and Neo-Latin; French; Occitan; Spanish; Catalan; Portuguese; Galician; Latin-American; Italian; Romanian; Romansh
- Welsh; Breton; Cornish; Scottish Gaelic
- German; Dutch; Danish; Norwegian; Swedish; Yiddish
- Czech; Slovak; Polish; Russian; Ukrainian; Belarusian; Bulgarian

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General Editors
Graeme Dunphy (Würzburg-Schweinfurt)
Paul Scott (University of Kansas)

Assistant Editor
Susan Wharton

Section Editors
Victoria Carpenter, University of York -
Romance Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan
Graeme Dunphy, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, Würzburg-Schweinfurt -
Germanic Languages: German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Yiddish
Piero Garofalo, University of New Hampshire -
Romance Languages: Italian, Medieval and Neo-Latin, Romanian and Rheto-Romance
David Gillespie, Tomsk State University -
Slavic Languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian
Stephen Parkinson, University of Oxford -
Romance Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan
Sara Elin Roberts, University of Chester -
Celtic Languages: Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish and Breton
Paul Scott, University of Kansas -
Romance Languages: French, Occitan

For information on where to send copies of books or journals for review, please contact the relevant Section Editor.
If you are interested in becoming a contributing editor to The Year's Work in Modern Languages Studies, please contact the General Editors.