Islamic Desk Reference

Compiled from The Encyclopaedia of Islam

Author: E.J. van Donzel
The growing demand for concise and factual information about the history and culture of Islam has now been met with the Islamic Desk Reference. This handy one-volume work contains a condensation of the subject-matter of The Encyclopaedia of Islam, the most prestigious and valuable reference work for Islamic studies published this century. In a brief, orderly and intelligible form the Islamic Desk Reference provides thus a unique and valuable quick reference tool for those interested in the religion, the believers and the countries of the Islamic world. All entries in the Islamic Desk Reference are given in English. Thus, names of Arabic origin which in the West were corrupted to another spelling, e.g. Ibn Sina to Avicenna, al-Kuhl to alcohol, are found under the latter term. The Islamic Desk Reference contains maps, diagrams and genealogical tables for easy reference, and illustrations.

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' Un instrument de travail et de référence fort utile, surtout pour des non-spécialistes.'
Yves Thoraval, Le Monde Diplomatique, 1994.
' The reference is a handy, one-volume condensation of the subject matter found in the much larger Encyclopaedia of Islam ...the book would be most useful to the general reader and in libraries catering to the general public, although experts will also find the volume of use in quickly ascertaining dates or basic information.'
David L. White, American Reference Books Annual, 1995.
' Concise, factual, and all-inclusive…'
The Reader's Catalog Bulletin, 1994.
' ...on félicitera E. van D. pour cette initiative et pour le résultat réussi de ce travail.'
Claude Gilliot, bulletin d'Islamologie et d'Etudes Arabes, 1995.
' extremely useful introduction to the major characters, places, institutions, and customs of the Muslim world...The Islamic Desk Reference's major accomplishment is to offer an accurate and fast access to the history and religion of the Muslim peoples.'
Middle East Quarterly.