Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (5 vols.)

Norman Stillman
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The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World covers an area of Jewish history, religion, and culture which until now has lacked its own cohesive, discrete reference work. The Encyclopedia fills the gap in academic reference literature on the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods.

• The only reference work of its kind: up-to-date research and bibliographies make it indispensible for
all levels of users.
• Over 350 internationally-renowned scholars from North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
• Over 250 color and black and white illustrations, graphs, and maps.
• Over 2200 entries and 1.5 million words.
• 4 volumes and one index and resources volume.

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Executive Editor
Norman A. Stillman

Angel Saenz-Badillos

Medieval Arabic-Speaking World
Meira Polliack

Modern Arabic-Speaking World
Daniel Schroeter
Phillip I. Lieberman

Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
Avigdor Levy
Yaron Ayalon

Persia, Modern Iran, Kurdistan, Caucasus and Central Asia
Vera Basch Moreen

“If Jews in Muslim-majority countries have shrunk to a miniscule 50,000 souls, nearly all of them in Morocco, Turkey, and Iran, things were once different. Indeed, until the seventeenth century Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews outnumbered the Jews of Europe. More than that, as Stillman writes in his introduction, it was in the medieval Muslim world that "many aspects of Judaism as a religious civilization were formulated, codified, and disseminated, and this includes the domains of liturgy, law, and theology." But if the Mizrahi/Sephardi population has great importance for Judaism and for the Middle East, scholars have slighted it. The 1.5 million-word Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World came into existence in part to rectify this weakness, in part to make a wealth of obscure knowledge available. It succeeds with great distinction… Congratulations to the publisher, Brill, for organizing this remarkable reference work. Congratulations to Stillman and his team for excellent work.”

Daniel Pipes, Middle East Quarterly, Winter 2017
The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World is first and foremost a reference work destined for a post-graduate audience. However, the Encyclopedia should be accessible to the informed general reader and university undergraduates. For this reason, both topics of classical scholarship and modern themes of an analytic nature will be covered.
Vol. I A-C
Vol. II D-I
Vol. III J-O
Vol. IV P-Z
Vol. v Index & Resources
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