Arabic Manuscripts (3 vols)

Adam Gacek
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This set consists of three titles.
The Arabic Manuscript Tradition. A Glossary of Technical Terms and Bibliography
Covering the entire spectrum of Arabic manuscripts, and especially the handwritten book, this book consists of a glossary of technical terms and a bibliography. The technical terms, collected from a variety of sources, embrace a vast range of topics dealing with the making and reading (studying) of Arabic manuscripts. They include: the Arabic scripts, penmanship, writing materials and implements, the make-up of the codex, copying and correction, decoration and bookbinding. A similar coverage is reflected in the bibliography.

The Arabic Manuscript Tradition. A Glossary of Technical Terms and Bibliography - Supplement
This work supplements the original volume of The Arabic Manuscript Tradition (AMT), both its glossary of technical terms and bibliography. It includes new entries of technical terms, additional definitions of, and/or citations for, the entries already found in AMT, and recent publications on various aspects of Arabic manuscript studies arranged by subject. Among additional features there are illustrations of various Arabic letterforms and an alphabetical index of all works cited in both AMT and its supplement.

Arabic Manuscripts. A Vademecum for Readers
Arranged alphabetically by subject and/or concept, the present handbook has been conceived, for convenience sake and quick reference, as an aid to students and researchers who are often puzzled or even sometimes intimidated by the ‘mysterious’ world of Arabic manuscripts and the technical language that goes with it. A companion volume to The Arabic Manuscript Tradition (2001) and its Supplement (2008), the vademecum comprises some 200 entries of varying lengths dealing with almost all aspects of Arabic manuscript studies (codicology and palaeography). It is richly illustrated with specimens from manuscripts and expertly executed drawings. The main sequence is followed by a number of appendices covering abbreviations, letterforms, sūrah-headings, major reference works and a guide to the description of manuscripts, as well as charts of major historical periods and dynasties.

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The Arabic Manuscript Tradition
A Glossary of Technical Terms and Bibliography – Supplement
Publication Date: 31 Mar 2008
Arabic Manuscripts
A Vademecum for Readers
Publication Date: 24 Jun 2009
The Arabic Manuscript Tradition
A Glossary of Technical Terms and Bibliography
Publication Date: 01 Jan 2001
Adam Gacek, former Head of the Islamic Studies Library and Faculty Lecturer in Arabic manuscript studies at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University (Montreal), is the author of many catalogues, articles and book chapters on Arabic and Persian manuscripts and printed rare books.
“…the three titles offer a remarkable wealth of information not only on the Islamic manuscript and book tradition, but also on the trajectory of development of the intellectual and chancellery culture of medieval Islam. […] …an indispensable research, library, and archival companion […].” - Amidu Olalekan Sanni, in: Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 32.4 (2012), 582-584
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