Classical Studies E-Books Online, Collection 2008

Series:  Classical Studies E-Books Online, Volume: 2008 and  Humanities and Social Sciences E-Books Online, Volume: 2008
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Brill's Classical Studies E-Books Online, Collection 2008 is the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill in the field of Classical Studies in 2008.

Ancient Philosophy, Ancient History, Ancient Religion, Greek and Roman Literature, Epigraphy & Papyrology, Archeology

This E-Book Collection is part of Brill's Classical Studies E-Books Online Collection.

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Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the Gods
Publication Date: 01 Jan 2008
The Choruses of Sophokles' Antigone and Philoktetes
Dance of Words
Publication Date: 31 Jan 2008
Connecting a City to the Sea
The History of the Athenian Long Walls
Publication Date: 31 Jan 2008
Corinthian and Attic Vases in the Detroit Institute of Arts
Geometric, Black-Figure, and Red-Figure
Publication Date: 26 Dec 2007
The Enigmatic Reality of Time
Aristotle, Plotinus, and Today
Publication Date: 02 Oct 2008
The First Hall of Fame
A Study of the Statues in the Forum Augustum
Publication Date: 25 Jul 2008
Gender and Communication in Euripides’ Plays
Between Song and Silence
Publication Date: 22 Aug 2008
Donati Graeci: Learning Greek in the Renaissance
Publication Date: 01 Jan 2008
Index of Verb Forms in Thucydides
Publication Date: 31 Dec 2007
KAKOS, Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity
Editor(s): Ineke Sluiter and Ralph Rosen
Publication Date: 31 Jan 2009
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 1, The Ancient Glass
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, La collection des antiquités méditerranéennes, Vol. 1, La verrerie antique
Publication Date: 02 May 2008
People, Land, and Politics
Demographic Developments and the Transformation of Roman Italy, 300 BC-AD 14
Editor(s): Luuk de Ligt and Simon Northwood
Publication Date: 29 Oct 2008
Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
Volume XXIII (2007)
Editor(s): John J. Cleary and Gary Gurtler
Publication Date: 13 Aug 2008
Proclus' Commentary on the Cratylus in Context
Ancient Theories of Language and Naming
Publication Date: 17 Dec 2007
The Rhetoric of Explanation in Lucretius’ De rerum natura
Publication Date: 25 Jun 2008
Sixty-Five Papyrological Texts
Presented to Klaas A. Worp on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday
Editor(s): F.A.J. Hoogendijk and B.P. Muhs
Publication Date: 29 Oct 2008
Virgil, Aeneid 2
A Commentary
Publication Date: 30 Nov 2008
Between Grammar and Rhetoric
Dionysius of Halicarnassus on Language, Linguistics and Literature
Publication Date: 29 Aug 2008
Greek Colonisation
An Account of Greek Colonies and Other Settlements Overseas, Volume Two
Editor(s): G.R. Tsetskhladze
Publication Date: 30 Sep 2008
The Poetry of Statius
Publication Date: 02 Oct 2008
Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his World
Publication Date: 16 Oct 2008
From Temple to Church
Destruction and Renewal of Local Cultic Topography in Late Antiquity
Editor(s): Johannes Hahn and Ulrich Gotter
Publication Date: 30 Jun 2008
Inscribing Devotion and Death
Archaeological Evidence for Jewish Populations of North Africa
Publication Date: 26 Dec 2007
Instructions for the Netherworld
The Orphic Gold Tablets
Publication Date: 30 Jan 2008
Romanising Oriental Gods
Myth, Salvation and Ethics in the Cults of Cybele, Isis and Mithras
Publication Date: 01 Jan 2008
The Variety of Local Religious Life in the Near East
In the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
Publication Date: 25 Jun 2008
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