Vetus Testamentum Supplements Online, Supplement 2014

Series:  Vetus Testamentum Supplements Online, Volume: 2014
Editor-in-Chief: Christl M. Maier
Vetus Testamentum Supplements Online, Supplement 2014 contains new volumes, VTS 160-164.

The Supplements to Vetus Testamentum series covers the whole range of Old Testament study, including Septuaginta studies, Ugaritic research relevant to the study of the Old Testament, Hebrew studies, studies in ancient Israelite history and society, and studies in the history of the discipline. There are both monographs and collective volumes, the latter including the Proceedings of the Triennial International Congresses of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament.

The title list and free MARC records are available for download here.

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Christl M. Maier (Editor in Chief) – H.M. Barstad - N. Calduch-Benages - D.M. Carr - R.P. Gordon - L.C. Jonker - J. Joosten - G.N. Knoppers - A. van der Kooij - S.L. McKenzie - C.A. Newsom - M. Nissinen - H. Spieckermann - N. Wazana - S.D. Weeks - H.G.M. Williamson