Brill's Companions to Middle East and Islamic Studies Online I

Series:  Brill Companions Online, Volume: 1 and  Brill's Companions to Middle East and Islamic Studies Online, Volume: 1
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A collection of 21 carefully selected research companions to various key aspects of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Peer reviewed and written by experts, these handbooks offer balanced accounts at an advanced level, along with an overview of the state of scholarship and a synthesis of debate, pointing the way for future research. Suitable for both students and scholars, the books offer stepping stones for new research on highly influential Muslim thinkers, as well as such prominent themes as food culture, art, Islamic manuscripts, and special themes such as the concept of paradise and the reception of the Arabian Nights in world literature. All volumes are in English.

Features & Benefits
• Access to 435 essays written by leading experts.
• More than twelve years of content.
• Sophisticated tools allow for exporting citations, save searches and sharing content.
• Easy navigation through full-text search and metadata search.
• Students and faculty will have the option to order their own $25 paperback copy of each title in the collection through Brill’s MyBook program.

Collection Highlights
• Arab Painting
• The Aghlabids and their Neighbours
• The Technique of Islamic Bookbinding (second revised edition)
• Ibn Hazm of Cordoba

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A History of Ottoman Political Thought Up to the Early Nineteenth Century
Accusations of Unbelief in Islam
Al-Suyūṭī, a Polymath of the Mamlūk Period
Arab Painting
Beyond the Legacy of Genghis Khan
Food and Foodways of Medieval Cairenes
Ibn Ḥazm of Cordoba
Islamic Law in Past and Present
Jāmī in Regional Contexts
Medieval Muslim Historians and the Franks in the Levant
New Perspectives on Ibn ʿAsākir in Islamic Historiography
Nomadic Societies in the Middle East and North Africa
Philosophy in Qajar Iran
Roads to Paradise: Eschatology and Concepts of the Hereafter in Islam (2 vols)
The ʿAbbasid and Carolingian Empires
The Aghlabids and their Neighbors
The City in the Islamic World (2 vols)
The Mongols' Middle East
The Qurʾān in Context
The Technique of Islamic Bookbinding
The Thousand and One Nights and Twentieth-Century Fiction
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