Socio-economic Relations in Ptolemaic Pathyris (2-vol. set)

A Network Analytical Approach to a Bilingual Community

Series:  Probleme der Ägyptologie
Lena Tambs
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This study tackles pertinent questions about daily life and socio-economic interactions in the late Ptolemaic town of Pathyris (186-88 BCE) through an empirically grounded network analysis of 428 Greek and Demotic documents associated with 21 archives from the site.

The author moves beyond traditional boundaries of Egyptological and Papyrological research by means of an innovative and interdisciplinary methodology – zigzagging back and forth between archaeological field survey, close reading of ancient texts, formal methods of Social Network Analysis (SNA) and explanatory theories and concepts borrowed from economics and other social sciences.

This is a two-volume set.

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Lena Tambs, Ph.D. (2020), University of Cologne, is a postdoctoral researcher at the CoE in Ancient Near Eastern Empires, University of Helsinki. Her most recent article is ‘Ancient Archives and Network Models: The Case of Pathyris (ca. 165-88 BCE)’.
In addition to Egyptologists and Papyrologists, the study will interest scholars of Ancient History, Classics and Assyriology, as well as the younger fields of Historical Network Research and Digital Humanities.
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